There are so many sites and nooks and crannies in London to see and explore, that it is virtually impossible to do it all in one trip. That is, unless you are planning to stay for more than two months. It’s not just the Tower of London or Big Ben that catch the visitors’ attention. In addition to its many sites, London boasts a decent number of casinos, like the Genting Casino on Shaftesbury Avenue, for those who like playing games of chance and using online lottery promo code. There are also pubs, parks, museums, and theaters. Where does one go first and how?


Unlike most European destinations, the UK is conservative towards foreigners arriving in the country. If you are not from the US, the EU, Australia, or Japan, chances are that you are going to need a visa. Citizens of certain countries don’t need it, but can’t stay for longer than six months.

Getting Around

There is no need to be scared of the transit system. Public transport in the UK is very efficient and easy to use, though it may need some getting used to. If you discover that you are lost, you are more than welcome to ask Londoners for directions. They are very helpful and polite, so it is essential that you ask for assistance in a respectful manner.

Dorms, hostels, and hotels welcome visitor from all over the world. Backpackers usually opt for the cheaper accommodation, while families either rent a room or an apartment. It might be a good idea to stick to the center of the city, as that puts you near all things relevant to your trip.

You might be surprised, due to a large number of stereotypes surrounding England, but there is good food in decent restaurants in London. In fact, there are several of them that have Michelin stars, the highest rank of standard in Europe. You can enjoy anything from the traditional fish and chips to some more exotic dishes. See what’s in your budget and plan accordingly.

The Sites

We are going to list just a few of the attractions you can find in this city, as a comprehensive list would demand a separate article.

Big Ben is, undoubtedly, the most famous clock tower in the world. It was finished in 1859 and was the most accurate clock of the time. It is the icon of Great Britain and it stands proudly as a part of the Palace of Westminster.

Buckingham Palace is where the royal family conducts all administrative and formal affairs. There are amazing tours that offer interesting trivia from history, so it is a must-see for anyone traveling to London.

London Eye may be too slow for some to enjoy, but it is important to remember that, in spite of its appearance, it is not a carnival ride. It is an observation wheel and its purpose is to give you the view of the city from above.

If you like mystery and horror, be sure to visit the London Dungeon, where you’ll be in for a scare. A word to the wise – photography is not allowed. You can purchase photos of your experience at the exit. Additionally, if you are a big fan of fiction, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is definitely worth your time. You can even take a photo with the iconic pipe and hat.